Bold and Beautiful Birdhouses at Ringwood


Last Tuesday night might have been a torrential downpour of rain but spirits were ‘flying’ high at The Heathers Ringwood location. Residents and guests enjoyed an engaging evening of crafts where  little wooden birdhouses were provided for everyone to decorate.

A mound of different materials were supplied, from permanent markers, glitter pens, acrylic paint, to felt letters and stickers. Owl stickers, butterflies, llamas, planets, unicorns, cats; as a sticker-fanatic myself, I may have been a bit over eager with the amount we had. In sticking with the bird house theme we had little dinosaur feet painting pallets and since we didn't find ones shaped like birds we figured birds' mighty ancestors would be a fitting choice.


Each of our Residents and guests brought their own style and flair to their birdhouses. Jane went for bold and striking colors, choosinge royal purple and crimson red paints. She then adorned them with word stickers that held some of her own life philosophies  like be sure to smile, be happy, and have faith.

Gert preferred a rustic and realistic look etched in marker. With a cherry red roof and a green grass base, she carefully selected chicken stickers so it looked like the feathered friends were roosting on her creation. As a special touch she added a Corgi to watch over the hens just like her own little Corgi she once had.

Mary’s jewel tone paints added a whimsical elegance to her birdhouses. Her pearlescent pink birdhouse had blooming flowers and a larger than life butterfly while her yellow birdhouse featured glittery ladybugs. Mary took particular care to choose colors that matched well together.

Heathers Founders Larry and Sandy joined in the festivities as well. Sandy’s birdhouse was a bright blue and tangerine orange to remind her of the sun and waves she loves to visit in Florida. Larry brought his tools and also showed off some impromptu dance moves when he realized the large kitchen window could serve as a charades area for him.


Sandy enthuses that “It was so much fun to participate with the residents in this activity.  While everyone was intent on choosing their paint colors in the beginning, very quickly the room was filled with laughter and storytelling.” Many Residents remembered doing creative projects as a child such as paper dolls or learning from the TV Program Ding Dong School with Miss Frances. Resident Mary still loves to do crocheting and others discussed the quilts they had made. For sustenance as we decorated we munched on pumpkin mini doughnuts and every individual’s favorite type of juice.

Doing crafting activities like this is so important for us to provide as it gives Residents with differing skill levels and varied interests a shared creative outlet. Crafting works both the brain and body. While the hands work on executing the desired movements with the paint and markers, the mind is engaged envisioning the final product to be created and the individual character each artist wants to bring to their piece.

Despite the deluge of rain, we all had an enjoyable evening stretching our creative muscles. Our birdhouses in their variety of colors and styles are now lined up on the main table for Residents and all guests to enjoy. Sandy remarks “We look forward to providing more evenings spent this way together.”



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