Our Story


The Heathers Senior Living Homes in Lake in the Hills and Ringwood were named to honor the recently passed matriarch of our family, Sophia (Sally) McDiarmid Kratz, who was born in Scotland where heather grows wild throughout the country. Her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren remember her fondly for the interest she took in each of their lives, her concern and kindness for those less fortunate than her, and her ability to recite full Sonnets from Shakespeare at age 95. Each year on Mother's Day, family members gifted her with a Heather plant, a reminder of her childhood home.

The Heathers Senior Living Homes in Lake in the Hills and Ringwood are comfortable, safe retirement home communities, with a strong emphasis on vitality for Seniors needing Assisted Living and Memory Care. Located on a beautiful three-acre lot in a rural setting, the Ringwood location is a spacious, updated single-family home with a private bathroom in each bedroom and space for 9 residents. Residents have plenty of room for activities and can enjoy nature by looking out the huge windows throughout the common areas or sitting out in the peaceful screened outdoor patio. The Heathers in Lake in the Hills senior living accommodations include two single-story homes, each housing 18 residents in a casual, non-institutional, familial setting. The homes contain airy, open areas for large group gatherings, smaller nooks for quieter conversations, and easy access to our park-like outdoor space. Well-trained staff members, dedicated to our philosophy of creating and maintaining a feeling of family within our Ringwood and Lake in the Hills elderly care homes, are never more than thirty steps away from a resident in need.

What sets us apart is our commitment to the belief that growth can and should occur at all stages of life. We celebrate that Seniors have many skills that can be taught to others, ideas to be shared, and stories of experiences that bring knowledge and bonding to fellow residents and staff members. Our Care Partners foster continued independence in our residents and we make available and encourage both physical and mental exercise for every resident, every day.

“What sets us apart is our commitment to the belief that growth can and should occur at all stages of life.”

We offer just what Senior Adults have been looking for and what their adult children have been longing for. The Heathers is the place where their loved one can help stave off boredom through the availability of life-long learning opportunities, avoid loneliness by sharing with and caring for others as they are cared for, and maintain a sense of purpose through self-governance and self-determination for their best life yet.

The Mission since we began articulating our dream a few years ago has been Doing Senior Living Differently. We kept it in mind while designing and constructing our Ringwood and Lake in the Hills retirement and assisted living homes and while developing The Heathers' Way. This idea was evident as we select staff who are eagerly committed to helping our residents maintain, or even improve their physical, mental, and emotional health. And as we defined our roles as hands-on owners, we were very conscious that this founding philosophy was at the forefront of all decisions.


-The Garifo Family

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