Assisted Living & Memory Care

Assisted Living

The Heathers Senior Homes believes in encouraging our residents to practice self-governance in a safe manner; just as if they were still living on their own. However, a team of trained Care Partners is always ready to help out when needed. Many of our administrative decisions will be made with the input of our residents and staff. We encourage independence and self-worth and recognize that fostering these traits is necessary to keep our residents feeling vital and involved.


  • Life-long learning is promoted through presentations by experts in a multitude of areas – chosen by the residents themselves

  • Once Covid-19 procedures allow, experiential growth will be developed through regular conversations and activities with young volunteers from Pre-K through high schools


  • We have added Caremerge, a complete set of web/mobile communication and care coordination solutions for staff, residents, and family members

  • The staff has access to online and real-time record keeping through iPad technology, a much more efficient method of documentation, thus allowing Care Partners more quality time with residents

  • The TekTone medical alert system provides instantaneous notification to staff should residents need help


Healthy Environment
  • All Care Partners are certified in CPR

  • Residents and staff stay healthier with our ultra-violet purification system in our HVAC units provided by AtmosAir Solutions.

    Click here to learn more about AtmosAir

  • Full-spectrum lighting assists in Vitamin D exposure and reducing Seasonal Affective Disorders

  • Solar lighting and skylights throughout The Heather Senior Homes provide natural daylight throughout our corridors and common areas

Memory Care

At The Heathers, memory strengthening exercises are part of every resident's day. We recognize that paying consistent attention to activities that focus on memory retention will stave off, if not prevent, deterioration of this function. For our residents who have been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, extra time, observation, and appropriate activities are provided daily.


  • Daily activities focused on maintaining memory
  • A culture that fosters active participation, not just passive observation of, other residents and staff
  • Well-chosen music playing that bring back fond memories of the past

Stimulating Environment

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  • All senior care communities must have their operational and clinical practices inspected and approved yearly by the Illinois Department of Public Health

  • Since The Heathers offers Memory Care, the state mandates an extra layer of licensing, monitored by the IDPH

  • Additional training/experience for the Executive Director, plus at least 32 hours of dementia-specific training for staff members directly responsible for these residents’ care is required by IDPH


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  • All doors are locked at all times, with a 15-second delay egress function, giving Care Partners time to intervene when necessary

  • Monitored security cameras, recording all activity,  are present in all public areas and on the grounds

  • Furniture is specially designed for ease of use by residents whose agility has become compromised

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