“In anticipation of the Ringwood-based home opening for occupancy, The Heathers have been caring for my 89 year old mother. We are proud to say she will be Resident #1 in the home! During this time their caregiver has given amazing care and Mom just loves her. We have also had multiple visits by owners, management, and medical staff. In conjunction with a visiting Advocate nurse, The Heather’s staff has been able to turn around a Stage 2 pressure wound in record time! They also are super diligent about making sure that the various treatments align with the medical situation... My Mom reacted poorly to a new medication prescribed by her primary care physician who had not seen her in 8 months. The Heathers care partner sounded the alarm and convinced Mom to give up the medication. The new medicine was obviously messing with her entire system. The Heathers Care Partner brought in their Lead Medical person for confirmation and worked with me (the family) on the next steps. ”


“I had the pleasure of attending an open house at The Heathers Senior Living. I have to say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with my emotion. I have been in this industry for over 25 years and have been marketing to senior living facilities; independent, assisted and skilled nursing. I have come to not set my expectations very high regarding atmosphere and care.
I say my emotion overcame me because I was greeted by a village of family members. This is a family run and operated business. The concept I learned surrounding the idea behind opening the Heathers was built on their grandmother being in an independent facility. There they had a good experience but felt it lacked the “family atmosphere”. This is what The Heathers has definitely fostered.
The buildings are well rounded. The atmosphere is warming and serene. I would recommend The Heathers because for me I feel like it is “La Familia-a place I can call home”.”


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