The Heathers Lineup!


The month of April means baseball season has officially started and The Heathers has many baseball aficionados. To celebrate America’s favorite pastime we decided to ask our Residents about some of their favorite baseball memories. And of course the answer to the ultimate question; Cubs or White Sox! Read on below to see the results.

Fave Foods:

For Opening Day this year our Lake in the Hills location celebrated with ball-park burgers and non- alcoholic beer. Resident Gary, a life-long Cubs fan, proudly wore his Cubs hat and shirt. At Ringwood, Residents enjoyed an evening of pizza and Strawberry Sundays when I visited for their opinions on our poll. Of course, you can’t have any discussions on baseball without also discussing the best way to have your ballpark hotdog. Resident Joe prefers to have his cut and half and broiled  but Jane preferes hers with ketchup only. Resident Lori as well as Care Partners Tonya and Hayley however, need their mustard! A classic Chicago Style is the only way to go for them!

Photo Courtesy of Jenny T
Photo Courtesy of Jenny T

Field of Memories:

As both houses tallied our votes, the talk turned to memories of playing baseball growing up. Joe described to Founder Sandy about how he was a very good utility infielder. Several of our women mentioned that while they played a little for fun, they were never encouraged to join any official teams like their male friends and brothers. Resident Georgia proclaimed that she never let it stop her; she was a wicked shortstop. All, however, were pleased to report that by the time they had daughters of their own there were many more options.

Bottom of the Ninth:

The bases were loaded and our poll had a very clear winner, The Cubs! After getting votes from Residents, Care Partners, and visiting family members, the Cubs hit it out of the park with 14 votes compared to the White Sox’s 5. Many of our Residents chose to use a Cubby Blue for their tally, displaying their colors proudly. Founders Larry and Sandy were not surprised by the results, but maintained their ever-lasting loyalty to the Sox. They even dressed up as “Clean Sweeps” for Halloween in 2005.


Baseball Season has just begun and The Heather’s looks forward to an exciting year. Cubs or Sox, let’s get Chicago a win!


Heathers Baseball Fun Facts:

  • The Cubs have been in the World Series 5 times (with 1 win) since our oldest Resident was born


  • The White Sox have been in the World Series 2 times (with 1 win) since our oldest Resident was born


  • At least 5 grandkids of Residents’ are actively playing baseball today


  • On a win, The Cubs “Fly the W” flag


  • The White Sox have fireworks for every home run


  • The highest grossing baseball movie of all time is “ A League of Their Own”

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