Photo Roundup!

For the month of March we decided to highlight some of our favorite photos of living life The Heathers Way! Thank you so very much to our wonderful Care Partners who take these photos and showcase our Residents’s amazing smiles.


Angus and Teddy and Loki - Oh my!:

We are very fortunate at The Heathers that we have many furry friends willing to come by and visit. You may remember a few months back we had Sampson and Timber visit; since then we’ve had visits from Teddy (left,) Loki (top right,) Angus (bottom right,) and Nala (not pictured). Angus is a gentle giant owned by CNA Cindy, and Teddy is a sprightly ball of energy owned by Executive Director Jennifer! On Teddy's visit Jennifer remarked, "The smiles on their faces when I walked in the door with Teddy was a great moment. I always try to find different ways to make their day a little better." Teddy and Jane look like they are having a great time chilling together. Service Dog Loki belongs to Director of Health and Wellness Jenny and he loves to help the residents relax for the evening as they get ready for bed.

Photos courtesy of: Cindy, Jenny and Jennifer


Warmer Weather Walks:

Spring is here and our Residents are very eager to use our three- season porch and patio again at Ringwood! These spacious areas are a great place to watch birds, have a conversation with friends and family, work in the garden, or stretch your legs. Resident Mike is all smiles as he gets in some exercise, an important part of healthy living for all ages. At Lake in the Hills, Residents are enjoying getting to use our walking paths and gazebo.

Photo courtesy of: Jenny


Sweet candy game:

Our Residents and Care Partners have a wonderful time together inventing and sharing favorite games. Playing games with each other is just one of the many ways Residents can keep their mind and body engaged at the Heathers. Above, the competition heats up for a sweet reward.

Photo courtesy of: Trish and Cierra


Holiday Happenings:

Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick's Day were a blast at both homes with Residents getting to enjoy various crafts and activities. Mary is feeling lucky as she makes her paper rainbow craft and Georgia is all smiles as she works on her puzzle- piece heart at Ringwood. At the Lake in the Hills party, Residents had a lovely feast as they opened Valentine’s cards, Dorothy’s scarf matches her card perfectly. Executive Director Jennifer remarked how much fun it was “to socialize together and be able to share stories of favorite past celebrations of Valentine’s Day.”

Photos courtesy of: Hayley, Jenny, and Kristine


Music and mingling:

The Heathers is very fortunate and grateful for the generous donations from two families providing a piano for each location. Residents and CNAs are both able to enjoy playing and listening to beautiful music. Music provides an outlet to express emotions and engage with the world around you. Shown here is Resident Lori, Director of Health and Wellness Jenny, Nurse Trish, and Care Partner Tonya. We look forward to many more spontaneous concerts in days to come.

Photo courtesy of : Jennifer

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