Spring looks good out in Ringwood

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I took a trip up to our Ringwood location this week. Signs of spring can be seen all over the expansive grounds and home. This location opened last fall and Vice President Sandy Garifo said this particular home in Ringwood appealed to her because “the rooms are laid out in a way that provided residents plenty of space to do their favorite hobbies and stay active and I was immediately entranced by its cozy feel.”

A tour of Ringwood shows off seven bedrooms; five single suites and two double suites. Each suite comes with an ADA compliant bathroom. At each entrance, the resident’s name is displayed along with a fun fact of the season. CEO Larry Garifo had a great time researching different birds for the residents to learn about. Once a resident settles in Sandy states, “We encourage residents to bring their own belongings... from favorite artwork, to furniture with rich family histories..we truly want you to feel as if this is your home.”

To provide residents with as much autonomy as possible, residents are welcome to do their own laundry if desired. We recognize that some prefer and even enjoy doing their own laundry, while others are happy to let this chore go. If that’s the case our care partners are more than happy to do this task.


I got to chat with some of our residents in the multiple common areas Ringwood offers.  Gert was enjoying an Oscar Countdown on one of the new TVs. As Mary Poppins played in the background Gert and I discussed our favorite TV genres and programs. While Gert enjoys keeping up with the news and true crime, we both discovered we share a love for Animal Planet.


In addition to its charming interior, Ringwood also boasts beautiful grounds.The trees are in full bloom for the residents to see and multiple bird houses have been placed to entice birds to feed and nest. My favorite sign of spring was the little red pine cones popping out of the giant pine trees. Thanks to the insight and inspiration of Gert and her daughter Krista, Ringwood now has a burgeoning garden filled with arugula, snow peas and more. All residents are welcome to add their own favorites. Nearer to the home are the raised flower beds currently being built for additional easier access. Here a selection of herbs is being planted that will be ready throughout the summer for picking and using. Additionally, sections of the grounds are being preserved in their natural state with Creeping Charlies and dandelions plentiful,to encourage pollinators and help the environment.

Looking out over the yard it’s hard not to notice the beauty of Ringwood’s grounds that can be seen both from outside and inside the home. I can’t wait to see Ringwood and its Residents continue to bloom this year.

sandyon the grounds

*We’d like to note here that we take our Residents’ privacy very seriously. Only Residents who have directly expressed interest are ever quoted, mentioned or featured in any of our articles or photos.



  1. Krista Ruhnke on May 10, 2021 at 4:42 pm

    First I’m seeing of this post, and I think you have captured the charm of the Ringwood home perfectly.

    • Larry on May 30, 2021 at 4:31 pm

      Thank you! We love to hear that residents and guests are enjoying our home.

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